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3081 Who's In The Hat? A reaction to seeing someone in a hat at the match Playlist
3692 You've Never Won F*ck All We've won more than most. Playlist
3793 Away In A Manger God bless 'im.
4191 Your Hat's From Matalan Didn't reckon much to one of the crowds hats! Playlist
4798 Who Are Ya? Old classic football chant. Playlist
5288 We're The Team That Sent You Down Sung to Leeds when they went down to First Division Playlist
5854 Sit Down Shut Up Never gets old Playlist
6235 Cheer Up Alan Pardew A song we sung to Alan Pardew
6838 Your Mum's Your Dad Interbreds
6965 W*nkers Brilliant ringtone Playlist
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6972 Grant Holt Is A W****r Grant Holt Is A W****r
7279 Build A Bonfire Waheey
7517 Who Are East Anglia? Norwich scum bags Playlist
7538 Your Sister Is Your Mother Sung to the tune of the Adams family
8041 Dirty Northerners Sung to Leeds and other northern scum bags Playlist
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