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Ipswich 'avin a go football songs

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3688 Shall We Sing A Song For You Sung when it’s all gone quiet over there. Playlist
4260 Delia Delia Is a Joke Playlist
4639 Stand Up If You Hate Norwich Everyone of their seats Playlist
5104 Sit Down Shut Up Never gets old Playlist
5239 You Might As Well Go Home You're not doing anything here. Sung to rubbish supporters. Playlist
5308 Empty Seats Terrible support for the opposing teams - there's no one 'ere! Playlist
5992 You've Only Got One Song Sung when fans sing the same thing over and over again Playlist
6324 Can You Hear The Leeds Sing? Aaaaaah! Playlist
6344 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung to teams like dirty Leeds Playlist
7244 Yorkshire Is A Hole Rancid place Playlist
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7645 You Mean F**k All To Us Sung to Col U
7905 We Paid For Your Hats Having a go at the police - what a waste of money Playlist
8149 Who's In The Hat? A reaction to seeing someone in a hat at the match Playlist
9071 Your Hat's From Matalan Didn't reckon much to one of the crowds hats! Playlist
9417 S*it Ref's Alway's, how's that. Playlist
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