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Ipswich 'avin a go football songs

Four wheel drive tractor action.

4081 S*it Ref's Alway's, how's that. Playlist
4988 You've Never Won F*ck All We've won more than most. Playlist
6317 Shall We Sing A Song For You Sung when it’s all gone quiet over there. Playlist
6694 Get Into Em Sung to inspire Town to get stuck in. Playlist
7268 Who Are Ya? Old classic football chant. Playlist
7570 We Forgot That You Were Here Like being in church. Playlist
8268 I'm a W***er Rather be that than a Norwich fan Playlist
8555 Delia Delia Is a Joke Playlist
8596 You're Supposed To Be At Home Out sung at their own ground. Playlist
9118 10 German Bombers Old chant but still going strong Playlist
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9247 You What? Sung when the other side is singing some rubbish - great ringtone Playlist
9341 Stand Up If You Hate Norwich Everyone of their seats Playlist
9910 Your Ground's Too Big For You Pull it down and get something that fits you. Playlist
10171 Sit Down Shut Up Never gets old Playlist
10431 Warnock You're A C*nt Sung to Neil Warnock no less. Playlist
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