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Ipswich 'avin a go football songs

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1859 S*it Ref's Alway's, how's that. Playlist
2172 You've Never Won F*ck All We've won more than most. Playlist
2712 Get Into Em Sung to inspire Town to get stuck in. Playlist
3369 10 German Bombers Old chant but still going strong Playlist
3426 Stand Up If You Hate Norwich Everyone of their seats Playlist
3567 Your Ground's Too Big For You Pull it down and get something that fits you. Playlist
3922 Empty Seats Terrible support for the opposing teams - there's no one 'ere! Playlist
3975 Can You Hear The Leeds Sing? Aaaaaah! Playlist
4312 You've Only Got One Song Sung when fans sing the same thing over and over again Playlist
4462 We Hate Norwich City To Leeds and Norwich fans
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5064 If You All Hate Stewards Clap Your Hands Health and safety Britain Playlist
5089 Stand Up If You Sent Them Down Another one for Leeds fans back when they got relegated Playlist
5221 Delia Delia Is a Joke Playlist
5612 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung to teams like dirty Leeds Playlist
6634 You Mean F**k All To Us Sung to Col U
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