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United Kingdom 'avin a go (Page 4) Football Chants

Top 'avin a go football songs from UK - England

925 Liverpool UK - England Fergie's Right He normally talks bollox but on this occasion..... Playlist
946 West Ham UK - England Who The Hell Are You When a unknown sub comes on for the other team Playlist
966 Arsenal UK - England Are You Tottenham In Disguise An insult to any team, sung when we're thrashing their a*se's Playlist
970 Liverpool UK - England Chelsea Rent Boy What can you say, West End dandies. Playlist
979 Manchester United UK - England Malcolm Glazer's Gonna Die The Fat Yank (ED: This chant does not promote or necessarily agree with this chant, although obviously everyone will die at some point) Playlist
990 Arsenal UK - England Who's That Team Another version of this lovely classic Playlist
1002 Arsenal UK - England Spurs Went To Rome Funny Arsenal football chant Playlist
1003 Chelsea UK - England Chelsea Reject Sung to any ex Chelsea player Playlist
1013 Spurs UK - England Stand Up If You Hate Arsenal We expect you to be standing. Sorry, not the best recording. Playlist
1019 Liverpool UK - England What The Hell Was That What was that? Playlist
1030 Liverpool UK - England Your Hero Is Scouse Scouse loving Mancs everywhere. (Refers to Man United's Wayne Rooney being Scouse) Playlist
1036 Arsenal UK - England Who Are Ya Well? Playlist
1052 Celtic UK - Scotland Can You Hear The Rangers Sing We hate Rangers Playlist
1071 Chelsea UK - England Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Lalala!!! Doin tha bouncy!! Playlist
1074 Aston Villa UK - England Referee's A W*nker Nice bit of intimidation. Playlist
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