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United Kingdom 'avin a go (Page 3) Football Chants

Top 'avin a go football songs from UK - England

691 Liverpool UK - England Bring On Ya Manchester United To the United scums who think they're so good Playlist
699 Arsenal UK - England You're S*it And You Know You Are! You're s*it! Playlist
720 Manchester City UK - England Man United Went To Rome Our sh*tty neighbours Playlist
723 Manchester City UK - England The Referee's A W*nker Sung when he's not sending things our way Playlist
764 Manchester United UK - England De, De, Racist Aimed at you know who Playlist
775 Celtic UK - Scotland We're Doing The Huddle When Rangers Die Huddle up, Rangers are going bust Playlist
795 Manchester United UK - England The City Is Yours Really? Playlist
802 Celtic UK - Scotland The Huns Are Going Bust Rangers are going outta business at last. Playlist
825 Arsenal UK - England We Hate Tottenham Sung to the scum Playlist
876 Liverpool UK - England Stand Up If You Hate Man U Stand up if you hate the Scum Playlist
877 Chelsea UK - England You're Not Singing Anymore Part timers, sung at opposing fans when they are losing and no longer get behind their team. Playlist
894 Chelsea UK - England Shall We Sing A Song For You Chanted at Vicarage Road in the F.A cup Playlist
901 Manchester United UK - England We All Hate Leeds Scum Everyone sings it! (Ed: Better audio added) Playlist
909 Chelsea UK - England We Don't Care About Rafa Chelsea fans letting Rafa know what they think about him Playlist
932 Liverpool UK - England Everton Blue To the tune of "Liverpool Lou" Playlist
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