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1123 Dundee Utd Ginger Hair Having a go at our red haired friends Playlist
1312 Dundee Utd Ginger Pubes No luck for the gingers Playlist
1795 Dundee Utd Paul Sturrock Hates Dundee Ex manager hates em Playlist
4860 Hibs Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Jefferies? Great tune! To the tune of Dad's Army
6514 Dundee Utd Bob Shankly Had a Farm derry sh***
6770 Hibs Get Em out for the Lads Good girl, she did as we were leaving the ground, and the rest, good girl Playlist
7531 Hibs We All Dream of a Team of Colin Nish... To the tune of 'We All Live In A Yellow Submarine'
7540 Hibs You're Just a Sh*te English Pub Team Sung To Gretna
8123 Hibs Fill Yer Gazebo Sung at New Brockville 07/08 season
8700 Dundee Utd Nipples Perfectly reasonable request for the dancers at half-time Playlist
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12308 Hibs Feed the Weegees Sung to Celtic at xmas a while back
14091 Hibs Fat Eddie Murphy Sung to Rangers' Jean Claude Darcheville and Christian Nade Playlist
14379 Hibs Ten Men Couldnae Carry Nade Big fat nade Playlist
14974 Hibs Cheer Up Jimmy Jefferies Cheer Up Jim Jefferies Playlist
15514 Raith In Your Townie Slums Townie scum.
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