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The boys from White Hart Lane on song - and no sign of Chas 'n' Dave!

12763 One Michael Ashley Spurs taking the Michael out of Newcastle, pardon the pun! Playlist
15630 Diver Ronaldo! To the tune of viva ronaldo
15655 Your Suit's From Matalan. Chelsea fans began singing their famous chant Jose Mou-rinho, Jose Mou-rinho, to which Spurs fans replied...
15721 Nouveau Chelski FC New money...
16401 You Used to Play Tottenham And Now You Play Crewe Sung to West Ham when they got relegated
17030 You're Just A Small Team In Scotland Newcastle, Sunderland
17175 Geordies Luv Pukka Pies Pie eating a plenty
17181 Fat Annie Lennox Aimed at West ham's peroxide blond striker Dean Ashton
17421 Sit Down Pinocchio One for Gareth Southgate
17838 Where's My Car Scousers robbed me car
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17846 Viera Ooh! Off he goes.
17911 Osama is an Arsenal fan So the rumours were true.
18416 Ashley v Ledley Ledley's a better player and a better s*ag.
18432 Bank Account Mayhem Sung before Dinamo Bucharest when Spurs made game highest category game even though Spurs had already qualified
18498 You're Dead And You Know You Are Sung to Leicester player Elvis Hammond
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