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The boys from White Hart Lane on song - and no sign of Chas 'n' Dave!

11936 One Michael Ashley Spurs taking the Michael out of Newcastle, pardon the pun! Playlist
16589 Lift Frank Lampard In response to Chelsea fans singing 'Ten men went to mow'...
16726 Who Put the Ball in the Arsenal Net Who Dun It?
17686 You're Just a Small Team in Scotland Newcastle, Sunderland
17967 I Love Tottenham More Than You Spurs fans to their loved ones back home watching Tottenham on Valentine's Day in Prague
18493 Arsene Song about Arsenals scum what they call a manager
18598 Geordies Luv Pukka Pies Pie eating a plenty
18955 Your Suit's from Matalan. Chelsea fans began singing their famous chant Jose Mou-rinho, Jose Mou-rinho, to which Spurs fans replied...
19013 Nouveau Chelski FC New money...
19292 Ashley v Ledley Ledley's a better player and a better s*ag.
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19868 Sign On Scousers who else
20354 You Used to Play Tottenham and Now You Play Crewe Sung to West Ham when they got relegated
21148 Viera Ooh! Off he goes.
21201 Osama is an Arsenal fan So the rumours were true.
21206 We Hate Those Northern Geordies Funny one taking the mick out out those pie lovers
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