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1012 My Garden Shed Sung at Old Trafford amongst others Playlist
1431 De, De, De De Lyrics not fully known, see below. Playlist
3165 Steed Malbranque Malbranque Sung at Stoke Away Playlist
3668 Cheesy Chips Sung at the scums when they said all we do is eat cheesy chips and drink blue pop Playlist
7306 We'll Win Again Sung in the dark times
7924 Hutchison Is ..... Don Hutch Ballad
9032 Niall Quinn's Disco Pants Long may you reign over us king Niall. (Ed: better rendition added) Playlist
11524 Charlie Heard it at the Derby game
12587 Lee Clark Song about the much hated spotty mag
14144 Lee Clarke Is..... Come back!
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14212 Wor Me Lads V2 Another version sung to Blayden Races.
15445 Chemicals Sung to the smoggies (Ed: Smoggies = Middlesbrough)
15545 No Sense No sense for superglue
15914 Paul McShane Football chant about Sunderland's Paul McShane.
17772 Riley Where Eva U May Be Riley you are crap.
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