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5439 Bread Random bread chant (ED: WTF:))
5526 I Wanna Go Rhyl Winding the Blackpool fans up
6841 We Only Score from a Throw In After Liam Lawrence secured Stoke's premiership position with a 25 yard belter, the Stokies had this to say to all of the critics! Playlist
7721 Tuncay Wherever You May Be laughing at Scousers
7963 Auto-Glass Trophy Used to take the mick out of other teams
13272 One Vicky Pollard! Everton away to a girl in a pink tracksuit top.
14320 Deep Fat Fryer Deep fat fryer.
14825 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Takin' piss out of Wengers comments again Playlist
17889 Huth There It Is Sang after the big German tank has just annihilated his opposition Playlist
19450 Ronaldo Ed: What about "He drives like a tart" as the first line
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20266 Jonny in the Boothen Jonny in the Boothen.
20818 You Fat B*stard You fat b*stard aaahhhhhhhhhh.

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