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Middlesbrough Funny football songs

Sounds of the Riverside! How many times will the Mackems get slated?

747 Peter Reid Anyone got a banana
1427 Let's Go Mental classic rouser Playlist
4114 Stewart Downing Makes Ronaldo look s*ite.
6744 One Job on Teesside Chant for ex player Joseph Desiree Job
10358 Cristiano Ronaldo For the cockiest player around.
13678 Parmo Army we love our parmo's
13686 Sing When Yer Skiing Boro at Sturm Graz in the UEFA Cup.
14630 Town Full of Geordies To p*ss of the Mackem's.
15089 Came for a Parmo sung to the Geordies after the Derby
18927 Get Yer Tits Out (Ed: Apologies to females and fat blokes) Playlist
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20898 Build a Parmo Comical genius

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