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Raising the rafters at the City of Manchester stadium!

211 We'll Buy Your Club We're so rich Playlist
280 We Are Loaded Wrong but true Playlist
364 We're Ruining Football Funny Man City song Playlist
475 We Never Win Drown our sorrows Playlist
493 Are We Too Rich for You Yes, I guess we are... (Ed: Excuse me while I throw up:)) Playlist
1052 Marching with Abu Dhabi Northern humour Playlist
1060 We're so Rich It's Unbelievable Rolling in it Playlist
1323 Shall We Build a Ground for You Sang to the Scousers, we can afford it why not give the Scousers a break Playlist
1561 Manuel Pellegrini Collected by Lamborghini New chant made by city fan, sung at Norwich. Playlist
1660 Your Suit's from Matalan Having a go at the "Special one's" taste in attire. Playlist
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2142 Fill Up Your Car Funny despite him not seeing sense and coming to City Playlist
2616 Fat Spanish Waiter Man City sang to Rafa at Anfield Playlist
2952 One Frank Sinatra! For ex chairman Thaksin Shinawatra Playlist
5269 Steve Gerrard He Slipped on His Arse Sung by city fans against Everton Playlist
17920 U.N.I.T.E.D. Funny!!!
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