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If only the team played as well as the fans sung - we'd be World Champions!

583 British Till You Die Taking the Michael out of the Scots after their no vote Playlist
588 No Independence One for the Scots :) Playlist
911 We All Voted Yes Winding up the Sweaties Playlist
1097 You Don’t Know What Yer Doing Seems rather obvious.
3995 We're 'Aving a Laugh We're having a larfff! Playlist
7810 Remember When We Had Sven The good ole days.
8485 Time to Leave After Tel Aviv Time to go please, cu later.
9983 5-1 to the England Germany Who??
13281 Your Birds Are Fit Sung to Ukraine in Dnipro
14550 You Couldn’t Score with Ulrike Not even with her beer goggles on.
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15222 Better Player Than a Manager He was rubbish.
15895 We Want Our Beckham Back Bring back Sir David our saviour.
19572 Swede I'd rather be a turnip
21959 Could It Be Worse? Come one think about it, I dont think it ever has been worse?

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