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Northampton Funny football songs

The cobblers march on

1411 Oh Northampton Beautiful place Playlist
1747 Let's Go Mental Cobblers at MK Playlist
2282 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung to Leicester, Leeds and Nottingham Forrest and next year Charlton, Southampton and Norwich ;) Playlist
4002 We're Gonna Score in a Minute Any second now they're going to fly in Playlist
4225 We Only Make Shoes That's all... Playlist
12653 One Julian Alsop Got sacked previously by Oxford for trying to stick a banana up a youth teamers arse for a joke
19010 Sit Down Sang to the Mk Dons when they sang sit down, shut up.
20261 Take Back Constantine Sung to Leeds because after buying Constantine from Leeds he has been rubbish

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