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4386 Funny Goal Kick One of the best we've heard, funny... Playlist
4667 We Paid for Your Hats Top rib tickler to have a go at dibble Playlist
4891 Small Town in Millwall Was sung to wind up West Ham. Class. Playlist
10368 Small Town in Tyneside Not the best recording but worth a mention to rip the Smoggies Playlist
17373 Your so S*** It's Unbelievable Shout at teams who are losing ... Badly
17497 Let's Pretend We Scored a Goal Sing when we're losing
20959 Scotland Because of all our Scottish team.
22141 He's Watching Porn on His Laptop! Sung when someone from the media's on their laptop!
22815 Down the Football League's :)!
22929 You What?! sung at the oppo when you cant hear em sing
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