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Come on the county

4437 If You All Hate Cardiff City Clap Your Hands Chant by Newport County fans about our old rivals from down the road! Playlist
8278 We Know What We Are Ewe have to be kidding... Playlist
8362 Run Lad, Shoot Lad An old classic. Playlist
8400 Newport County a Dingalingaling Each to their own... Playlist
9052 Sheep Sheep... We know what we are... Playlist
11154 Barry Island Sung at a particularly poor Brighton Playlist
11203 Let's All Have a Disco Get yer funk on... Playlist
11477 Let's Go Mental Crazy.... Playlist
12979 Who Needs Mourihno Ahhh good old Justin... Playlist
13317 You Fat... Ahem.... Playlist
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