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1381 Cheltenham Town Goal Kick Classic old way to celebrate a s*it goal kick by the oppositions goalie (Ed: love the extended argh ending, good work!) Playlist
1493 Hartlepool We're Poolies Nothing further to add Playlist
1964 Exeter Must Be ... We Scored Away On a bad away run, and you score away Playlist
2909 Morecambe Running Round Wembley Get em out! Playlist
3041 Newport Who Needs Mourihno Ahhh good old Justin... Playlist
3128 Morecambe 6 Nil Up and You Stil Don't Sing Still reckon we'll score 7,ahem... Playlist
3390 Cheltenham Town Should Have Gone to the Races Sang to Leeds when we played them on race day Playlist
3655 Barnet Twist and Shout Smiles in stoppage time with this funny Barnet crowd pleaser.
3726 Leyton Orient Heart Attack Is Playin the Drum Sung to the fat Leicester Cty drummer
3765 Yeovil Have You Ever? Sung at Leeds
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3915 Exeter Who's the W*nker in the Black Another chant aimed at the ref
3987 Stevenage Andy Drury We love him
4000 Plymouth Small Town in Tyneside Not the best recording but worth a mention to rip the Smoggies Playlist
4124 Exeter Shirts off If You Hate Argyle Funny song especially if everyone takes their shirt off
4721 Doncaster The Dingle Family Sang to Barnsley fans.
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