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1987 Portsmouth Let's All Have a Disco You can tell by the way they walk, they are womens men, no time to talk. Playlist
2082 Crewe Posh Spice I wouldn't say no! Playlist
2869 Doncaster We're Just Too Good Classic, sang at Leeds. Playlist
2901 Leyton Orient You're Not Scary Anymore Sad little chavs at Millwall Playlist
3567 Cheltenham Town Here for the Cheltenham Sung to the home support, funny when sung to the likes of Leeds Playlist
3658 Grimsby Sing When We're Fishin' Mariners still fishin for that No 1 hit! Playlist
4054 Cheltenham Town Should Have Gone to the Races Sang to Leeds when we played them on race day Playlist
4121 Hartlepool Man in a Jacket Having a go at the stewards Playlist
4228 Plymouth Funny Goal Kick One of the best we've heard, funny... Playlist
4326 Newport If You All Hate Cardiff City Clap Your Hands Chant by Newport County fans about our old rivals from down the road! Playlist
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4386 Leyton Orient You All Shop at JJB Sang to the gippos at Millwall Playlist
4454 Cheltenham Town Goal Kick Classic old way to celebrate a s*it goal kick by the oppositions goalie (Ed: love the extended argh ending, good work!) Playlist
4518 Grimsby We P*ss on Your Fish Hehe (Ed: Never have fish and chips in Grimsby, not that you would anyway:)) Playlist
4537 Plymouth We Paid for Your Hats Top rib tickler to have a go at dibble Playlist
4608 Yeovil Come to Watch the Yeovil Funny one, we sung to Leeds. Playlist
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