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1185 Tranmere Interbred Yorkshire Scum More social working required here. Playlist
3447 Torquay Grim Northern ... Sung to all the Northerners
4668 Torquay Listen to the Wurzels LOL!
5785 Lincoln City Sing When You're Fishing About the Mariners
6358 Lincoln City Alan Brazil Funny take on Barnsley's Brazil chant.
6506 Dagenham & Redbridge Pub Team from Essex Cracking terrace humour Playlist
7172 Macclesfield Town T*at Somebody's copping it! Playlist
7432 Torquay Have You Ever Seen a Beach! Have you ever seen a beach!?!?!?
8243 Lincoln City Stink of Fish Funny imps song havin' dig @ smelly Mariners!
9443 Aldershot Town Let's All Have a Disco Accompanied by dancing around on the terraces Playlist
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10230 Macclesfield Town Just Like Watching Brazil No seriously... Playlist
10820 Torquay We're the Left Side... Sung in the popside when popsiders are bored! lol!!
11117 Torquay Drink Up Ye Cider! LOL a classic from the Wurzels!
12101 Tranmere If You All Stewards Clap Your Hands Stewards can easily be changed to the name of a team/players/police man (and has been).
13061 Tranmere Oh Lee Hughes Wherever Lee is, we sing that song
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