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15343 One Vickie Pollard Wolves vs QPR, when a fat lady walked past.
15620 Baggies Home Tescos
16334 42 Quid Man Utd 3-0 Wolves (reserves)
16519 Early Bath Sang when someone gets sent off.
16625 Keogh and My Wife long blonde hair
16854 Andy Keogh He's cr*p
17246 It's Camara You know who's hit it.
18034 Wardys Nose Funny Wolves chant
18068 Stick Ur F*****G Tower to all u blackpool fans
18750 We Never Win hope it changes
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19704 Bring Back our Stereo... Sung when the scousers pay a visit.
20169 Where's the W***er with the Bell? Sung to Pompey when their bell dude went missing.
20217 Incy Is a Wolves Fan Sang When Wolves Beat Blackburn Rover 4-2 In Pre-season Friendlies
20226 I Can Ride a Tractor Sang to Ipswich fans
20497 One Leg sang 2 super mick
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