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214 Could Be Worse, Could Be Leeds Sung about our friends (I use the term loosely) who've unfortunately gone down into Division One, could be worse. Playlist
757 Paul Green A great song for a great midfielder
5501 If You Don't Bounce Jump around... Playlist
12758 Sheep Sh*g Army Dolly.... Playlist
13202 Forest on the Run Sung outside Pride Park against Forest fans leggin it.
13990 The Premier League Is Upside Down Derby County really on top of the league!!!
15090 Pride of the Midlands A song about the Forest scum.
17737 Let's Pretend We've Scored a Goal!!!!!! This chant was first sung last season, when we got hammered, 6-0 at home to the villa, fans were basically just taking the piss! Absolutely hilarious! We all start jumping around as if we've scored.
19674 Wise, Wise Funny sung to Dennis Wise when he took Leeds United down. Brilliant football humour. Playlist
20155 Should Have Banked with the Woolwich To Newcastle who were sponsored by the Northern Rock
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20396 Shut Up and Bang Your Seats On three.... Playlist

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