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The Welsh doing what they do best.

1363 We're Cardiff, We're Barmy We're f*ckin nuts !!!!
1648 Bellamy Two fingers to the debtors - (to Only Fool's & horses tune)
2676 Oh Kasper, Woah For former loan keeper Kasper Schmeichel
2724 That's Roberto A brilliant song in the tune of 'That's Amore'
4002 Sang at Nathan Dyer When Warming Up by Darren Purse Sang towards Nathan Dyer - the thief
4675 Nathan Dyer Family To the tune of Adams family sung towards nathan dyer the theif
6156 Who's That in William Hill Same tune as 'The Automatic' song 'Monster'
8518 Ayatollah Classic Cardiff City Playlist
8889 Time Waster not in a big hurry then? Playlist
9222 When the Stewards Want You Down Must start in the Canton stand
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10194 Do the Hussey Coventry City's Hussey was making his debut and was waving his arms around and jumping in the air to try and get his team mates to pass him the ball. Cardiff fans realised this and everytime he touched the ball (very rarely) everyone did 'the Hussey'.
10479 Do the Ayatollah Jonesy The boss giving it the Ayatollah. Playlist
11909 Let's All Have a Disco You can tell by the way we walk. Playlist
17168 You Eat Em Lamb anybody? Playlist
18800 Towards Nathan Dyer Sang towards nathan dyer the theif
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