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The latest banter from Ewood Park Terraces!

2217 Let's All Do the Samba Samba chant
3894 5-2 and We'Ve Got the Flu! sung against Peterborough
4011 Red Sox Till I Die Ironic chant to the scousers Playlist
5917 Sold to a Russian Chelsea sold out.... Playlist
6056 Fat and Round It must be Wayne Rooney.
6770 Disco Jive talkin'. Not the best recording but always good to 'av a boogie up 'ere. Playlist
8163 You Only Sing When You're Stealing Scousers (again...) Playlist
11202 Givet, Wherever You May Be Sang to the Everton fans
11649 Two Pound an Hour Scousers are in town Playlist
12217 Let's Pretend We've Scored a Goal Pretending to score at Deepdale, the crowd goes wild
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13694 Drunk and Disorderly Heard this one a few times.
17210 The Bill-BRFC Funny Blackburn chant @ coppers after playing Gillingham.
17607 You Are a Scouser Hehe.
19667 Bananas bananas

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