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Brummies singing the blues.

1821 You'll Get Foot & Mouth This came about during the foot and mouth outbreak a few years ago...sung to away fans, it also has a dig at Villa fans because they're all from the country and not from Brum. Playlist
5985 O'Connor The song says it all really. Playlist
8165 Feed The Scousers Brum sing away or home against Liverpool Playlist
8968 Silent Night Brilliantly made up at Watford (home) Tilton Playlist
9628 Soya Sauce And Chicken Chops Suey Brilliant made by back of tilton Playlist
15133 HammerVilla (Amarillo) A New Version Of Tony Christies Amarillo for those less fortunate on the other side of Brum
15598 Alex Is A Zulu Sung to Alex Mcleish when he gets angry (All the time then)
15812 In The Liverpool Slums We're not the only ones who sing it I know, but still love singing it.
16198 Let's All Go To Tescos Sung to our badly dressed foes, to the tune of the conga.
16267 Don't Cry For Me Aston Villa Classic Birmingham City humor.
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16870 Is That Dead Sheep On Your Head Curly capered funny sung to Ivan Campo of Bolton last season.
16991 Kanu This one was sung by Birmingham fans at St Andrews to WBA a few seasons ago.
17038 Blame It On The Marcus Quality song about major flop Marcus Bent
17373 Fergie Time sung against Man United when the ref gave 6 minutes added time
17499 Who!? Song during opposition substitution
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