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3114 Goal! The sound we all like to hear Playlist
6051 Caley! (Drums) Simple chant for The Caleys - makes a decent ringtone Playlist
6637 Can You Hear the County Sing? Nooooo Playlist
8079 Forever in Our Shadows Rep - sorry, not the greatest quality in the world - repeat until bored Playlist
8883 Hokey Cokey Chant for opposition pre-game huddle..
9448 SPL - They're Having a Laugh You must be jokin! Playlist
9514 Stand Up for the Caley Jags Not the greatest quality ever, sorry Playlist
10658 We Love You Caley Top Inverness football chant Playlist
12031 Hullo Hullo Inverness Cally song
12120 Caley, Caley Thistle Get into it Playlist
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13168 Inverness, Inverness, Inverness Top ringtone choice for any Caley fan Playlist
13711 Jump Around If You Hate County Everyone jumps around Playlist
14248 Ole Ole Ole Caley not the best recording, sorry Playlist
14738 Caley! (Claps) Should be sung as loud as poss Playlist
16798 Give Me a 'C' Caley Clap Chant
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