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Swansea Classic football songs

Born singers, need we say more.

411 Swansea City F.C. The football classic, another one good as a Swansea City ringtone for the mobile. Playlist
761 Dale Cavese - Swansea City Style Dale Cavese - definite foot tapper See Youtube for the origins of this song, very good Playlist
1065 We Hate Cardiff City Self explanatory really Playlist
3374 Support Local Team For those clubs who are supported by fans abroad Playlist
3992 Brendan Rodgers' Barmy Army (Claps) Damn good Playlist
4114 We Love You Sung away mainly
4207 Brendan Rodgers' Barmy Army Variation on the same thing Playlist
4483 Jump Up If You Hate Cardiff Gets the whole ground jumping
4533 In the Cardiff Slums Same a the usual Liverpool slums for most other teams. Playlist
4594 Just Can't Get Enough Seems to be everywhere at the moment! Playlist
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4791 The Sea Side Changed the words of West Broms version
5115 Der Der Der One used elsewhere but a classic nonetheless. Playlist
5271 Who Are We? our barmy army
6156 The Jacks Are Going Up Come on! Playlist
6250 Jack Flag An old North Bank song
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