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998 Sunderland, Sunderland Loud and proud Playlist
1434 We Are Sunderland Timeless, a good reply to 'Who are ya'. Playlist
1539 Sunderland Till I Die In the afterlife also Playlist
1876 Sunderland! Simple but effective, good for a Sunderland ringtone. Playlist
2263 We Are The Sunderland Boys The Song Says It All Playlist
2347 Red & White Army Simple, but another timeless chant. (Ed: Better version added) Playlist
3213 Haway The Lads Definitely originated by Sunderland circa 73. Hence our moto. (Ed: not the best quality but thanks for submission, appreciate it) Playlist
3690 La La Sunderland Classic Sunderland song to a famous old tune Playlist
3912 Bring On The Magpies Lambs to the slaughter. Playlist
4231 On Our Way Recording of current favourite submitted by DJ. Largish file that may take a while to download. Playlist
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4741 Haway The Lads Fast Sung fast?!? Playlist
5310 Goal Ringtone anyone? Playlist
5714 Sing Your Hearts Out Throat clearer for SUnderland fans Playlist
5936 Sunderland Aces Oh me lads Playlist
6006 We Shall Not Be Moved Classic Playlist
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