Yellow and green football scarf

Norwich Classic football songs

Canaries singing from the terrace tops.

914 Green Army, Green Army Another Norwich City classic. Playlist
1166 Come On City A rouser to get the lads going. Good Norwich ringtone for the mobile too. Playlist
1538 Goal! Best Norwich ringtone Playlist
1851 We All Follow The City Great ringtone for Norwich supporters
2098 The Scum Are Going Down! And they did, and could go further Playlist
2510 We Love You Another nicked from St Pauli but we love it Playlist
4618 Bryan Gunn's Yellow Army For Gunny
5459 Yellow Army Jump up and down when you sing it
5526 We're The Green & Yellow Army Sung to Seven Nation Army, White Stripes
5974 We'll Sing On Our Own Oooooown... Playlist
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6061 City Till I Die We sing it all the time Playlist
7684 Come On You Yellows Another to get the City going. Playlist
8225 Green Flag Flying High Keep it high in the sky. Playlist
8242 We'll Sing On Our Own Norwich belting it out on their own Playlist
8765 Just Can't Get Enough Pretty popular everywhere, but we have our own lyrics Playlist
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