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Leicester Classic football songs

The foxes are on the prowl

370 Goal! Our favourite noise Playlist
401 Molly Malone Heard this sung a couple of times at the Walkers
1581 Come on Leicester A rouser and good ringtone. Playlist
2456 Que Sera Sera A classic chant, sung everywhere Playlist
2484 La La Leicester Rousing stuff... Playlist
2834 Joy and Fun Fun and games on the chase, they always run.
3152 Sit Down and Behave Yourself The Foxes telling the opposition to shut up Playlist
3180 On the Pitch On three.... Playlist
3209 England Get your hand on your heart... Playlist
3313 Leicester Wonderland Crimbo
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4742 Leicester City FC The greatest team. Great Leicester City ringtone. Playlist
9021 Rule the Midlands We are the champions
9212 De, De, De, De, Der A great Leicester chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great ringtone. Playlist
9756 We're Going to Win the League Chant sung while we are top of League One
10087 Same Old Leicester Taking the p*ss Playlist
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