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Everton Classic football songs

Toffees celebrate the blue half of the Pool!

210 Pride of Merseyside So the Kopites know where they stand Playlist
413 Ohhh St Domingoo St Domingo Song (Ed: Not sure what this one means, if you know add to the comments below)
630 We're on the March with Moyes' Army! Everton FA Cup 2009 road to Wembley Playlist
1111 We Hate Nottingham Forest Everton fans don't like many other teams! Playlist
1863 Norways Home!!! The Truth
2825 Everton F.C. All time classic footbal chant, sung well by the lads. Playlist
3311 Everton! (Claps) Good ringtone material Playlist
3413 We're Gonna Win the League Now you're gonna believe us Playlist
4012 Tell Me Ma (08/09) Uefa Cup Song
4704 Tim Cahill One for our former attacking midfielder Playlist
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8010 Justice for the 96 Song about Justice, finally, for the 96 fans who lost their lives at the Hillsborough disaster Playlist
9697 Singin the Blues When Everton win and redsh*te lose.
10464 Everton, Everton Another simple but effective chant. Playlist
10627 Que Sera Sera We're on the march with Moyes army Playlist
10950 Here We Go Everton is the best we all knoooooow Playlist
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