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565 North London Is Wonderful North London is great.
826 We Shall Not Be Moved Sung when we are getting close to the league. Playlist
1074 Keep the Red Flag Flying High Keeping the flag for Arsenal flying high
2284 Come on You Reds! Another classic chant, unfortunately rarely sung at Ashburton. Great cheer though.
3226 We're Gonna Win the League! I really hope we'll sing it later this season
3434 Pride of London A classic we used to chant against Spurs, and all of 'em in town.
3924 We've Beat the Scum! When we beat the scum! Playlist
4131 One Team Called Arsenal! Forget the other ones.
4401 Arsenal Pass the Ball Took the piss at Anfield, as opposed to Liverpool hoof the ball (see other chant) Playlist
4822 B'Jesus Said Paddy Quality song from the Riders of the Night!..
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5330 Drink Drink Together To tune of the Eton Boating Song
6017 You'll Never Beat the Arsenal! For 9 years we sang this to the scum...
6047 We Are the Famous Arsenal! A classic, but not sung very often.
6495 Stand Up for the Arsenal Arise and sing for the Arsenal Playlist
7308 We Are the Fans of the AFC To The Tune Of The Lord Of The Dance Said He
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