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13930 Glentoran 9 Men Sung in Drogheda at Setanta Semi Final after Glens beat Drogs with only 9 men! Playlist
15507 Glentoran If You Want To Go To Heaven When You Die Death suit and tie
16114 Glentoran When I Was Young Classic tune from the terraces
16572 Glentoran Super Glentoran Top Glentoran football fanchant
16996 Glentoran European Dream One day...
17205 Linfield Walking Down The Donegal Road One of the more popular tunes song at Windsor
17219 Glenavon We Hate.... Hate the lot!
17423 Glentoran East Belfast Top Glentoran football song
17436 Glentoran Sheepsh**Ing Bas*A*Ds Sung at our Culchie folk
17600 Linfield A Linfield Classic Linfield terrace chant
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17619 Glentoran Matty Burrows Song about young striker Matty Burrows
17636 Glentoran Wings Of A Sparrow A classic used at a lot of teams but atill a good un
17819 Linfield 1 Team In Ulster Sung at opposing fans to let them know there's only one team in Ulster
17853 Glentoran Molly Malone Ahh sweet Molly
18033 Glentoran Glens Flag Flying it high!
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