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3276 Wales Football Team Wales, Wales Doesn't get any simpler Playlist
4775 Wales Football Team Wales (Clap) Simple but easy Wales football song Playlist
4964 Wales Football Team Men Of Harlech Derderderder... Playlist
5801 Wales Football Team I Love You Baby Scotland 1 - 2 WALES 22/03/13 - the welsh fans were quality that night, the lads run the show. Thanks for the submission from @NIFTYBLUEBIRD Playlist
6523 Wales Football Team Du Du Du Lyrics not necessary! Playlist
7182 Wales Football Team Let Me Hear You Say Wales! Class! Playlist
7907 Wales Football Team Sheep... Hehe Playlist
9067 Wales Football Team Just Can't Get Enough Another one we can all sing to. Not the full chant but worth 'aving. Playlist
9307 Wales Football Team Don't Take Me Home Becoming the Welsh anthem of Euro 2016. First sung by Newcastle fans. Playlist
9716 Wales Football Team Men of Harlech - with music Lots of ders and trumpet sounds Playlist
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9916 Wales Football Team Baby Give It Up Nananananana! Everyone knows this one! Playlist
10547 Wales Football Team Goal! The sound we all like to hear Playlist
11267 Wales Football Team You're Supposed To Be At Home Where's the support? Playlist
11593 Wales Football Team We're Going On The Pitch And we're off! Playlist
14592 Wales Football Team Same Old English They never change do they! Don't forget to download our free Android and iPhone app! Playlist
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