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Northampton Classic football songs

The cobblers march on

596 Yeah! It's a goal, yeah.... Playlist
1636 We Are... Chants between the stands
2371 Black Army (Ed: Not the best recording, sorry) Playlist
3049 C.O.B.B.L.E.R.S. Great Northampton Town song Playlist
3657 When I Was Young Those were the days my friend Playlist
3984 Only Here for the Cobblers Their biggest game of the season Playlist
4099 Easy This is too easy Playlist
4656 Goal! The best Northampton Town ringtone. Hear us score everytime the phone rings, heaven Playlist
4769 Sacked in the Morning Sang to a failing manager Playlist
5188 Stand Up If You Love the Town If you love the Town Playlist
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5334 Sing Your Hearts out for the Lads Sing up for the boys Playlist
6000 Empty Seats Stadium is empty apart from us Playlist
7153 The Hotel End hotelend
8260 Don't Wanna Go Home Always a great day when travelling with the Town Playlist
9735 Shoe Army! All we do is make some shoes!
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