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Brentford Classic football songs

Bees buzzin' around Griffin Park.

3015 We're Championship After 22 years we are back in the championship Playlist
3520 We Are Brentford A rouser to get us and the team going, great to sing and top Brentford ringtone Playlist
4091 We're the Barcelona of the Lower League The biggest team in the lower leagues Playlist
4646 B.R.E.N.T.F.O.R.D Spell it out, great Brentford football chant Playlist
4670 Who's That Team We Call the Brentford? Adoration Playlist
5270 Super Bees When the Bees are buzzin
5710 Come on Brentford, Come On Makes a great ringtone for your mobile Playlist
5830 Brentford Till I Die Once a Bee always a Bee Playlist
8597 Winter Wonderland Sorry - no lyrics for this one either, do you know them? Playlist
9913 We Are Bees Always sung, good one for your ringtone Playlist
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11092 Bees, Bees Great chant, good for downloading to your mobile Playlist
11644 We'll Sing on Our Own Great chant, sung at pretty much every game Playlist
11722 Shut Your Mouth Sung to Northerners
12166 Come on You Reds Right On Playlist
13369 Nananana Brentford FC! Set this Brentford chant as your mobile ringtone Playlist
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