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The Greeks smash more than plates

307 We All Follow the Grecians Classic football song, should be sung at Exeter
422 We Love You City, We Do Exeter City we love you!
628 Oh Exeter Exeter, It's a great place.
700 West Country La La La ECFC.. West Country la la la Playlist
1395 Come on City, Come On A rouser sang to get the lads going Playlist
1485 I Am a Cider Drinker Cider CIDER CIDEEEER! Playlist
2508 We Love You, We Love You St Pauli classic adapted for City. Sang at Sheffield Utd. Playlist
3205 And It's Exeter City A classic football song, sung by most but best by Exeter Playlist
4164 Uni-Ted United Are the Sh*ttest Team Another anti Torquay song
5504 Your Support Sung at the quiet away fans.
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6937 We'll Score Again Cos I know we'll score again, some sunny day Playlist
6980 We're the Red and White Army Gets the crowd bouncing Playlist
8331 The Red Flag Red Army Playlist
8680 Those Roman Walls Brand new chant Playlist
9026 City (Clap) Classic Exeter City Song Playlist
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