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1010 Ipswich Town FC Another football chant classic from Ipswich Town fans. Cracking Ipswich download. Playlist
1205 When The Town Goes Marching In We all go together. Classic... Playlist
2051 Who's The Pride Of Anglia And who's the s*it?! Playlist
2458 Who's That Team? Legendary Playlist
3200 Ipswich (Drums) Very similar to the clap version but with a bit more umph Playlist
3829 Conga Der der der... Playlist
4667 We All Hate Leeds Scum As does everyone Playlist
4724 Just Can't Get Enough Just cant get enough of Ipswich ;)
4899 Der Der Der Der Goes on forever Playlist
5170 In The Norwich Slums Searching for somethig to eat.
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5995 Na Nanana Ipswich John would be proud Playlist
6025 Der Der Ipswich The football classic, another one good as a Ipswich Town ringtone for the mobile. Playlist
6683 If You All Hate Norwich Clap Yer Hands Hand's together now... Playlist
8724 I Am An Ipswich Fan To the tune of anarchy Playlist
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