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Huddersfield Town Classic football songs

A true and proper fan's team- £1 donations back in 1919 meant we didn't have to merge with Leeds. Boom.

998 Town Goes Marching In March on, March on. Playlist
4343 One Team in Yorkshire One decent team in Yorkshire. Playlist
5398 Just Cant Get Enough (Lyrics) Good song to get people going
7299 Huddersfield Till I Die Huddersfield till i die
7708 Stand Up If You Love the Town Arise fellow Terriers. Playlist
14447 Huddersfield (slower) Same verse just a little bit slower. Playlist
17494 Those Were the Days Legendary anthem for the Town.
19143 Blue Army! Marching on with the Terriers. Playlist
21175 And It's Huddersfield Town FC By far the greatest chant... Playlist
21793 Der Der Der Hudders A great Hudders chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great ringtone. Playlist
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21857 Nanana Hudders Another great and simple football chant Playlist
22181 Mighty Huddersfield Mighty Huddersfield

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