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173 Stand Up If You Won the League We sing this on our feet Playlist
872 That's Why You're Going Down Cos yer sh*te Playlist
1589 Hello, Hello We are the Blackburn Boys.
2277 Rovers (clap) Another Rovers classic that makes a great ringtone for the mobile phone. Playlist
3628 Come on You Blues! Let's be avin you lads Playlist
4644 Blue and White Sorry - no lyrics for this one either, do you know them? Mostly used for David Dunn nowadays, ala: "David Dunn is Blue & White, he hates Burnley!!" Although it sounds like they're singing Mickey someone or Jason Lowe in this version? Playlist
5316 Bolton Road Take me home.
5461 You Are My Rovers ..
7116 Sit Down If You Won the League Bottoms down Playlist
7370 We Love You Rovers A classic and makes a great Blackburn ringtone for the mobile phone. Playlist
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7975 Rovers Boys A song about rovers insane fans
8460 We Are Rovers Till Our Dying Day Till our dying day.
8683 We'll Never Die keep the blue flag flying high
9306 Blackburn Rovers FC! Worlds Greatest team
9916 We Shall Not Be Moved Simple, to the point and passionate. Always sounds good on the mobile. Playlist
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