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15224 Aberystwyth Town Fat Les sung at the Welsh cup final
15920 Carmarthen Town Build A Bonfire Lov Itt.:)
16157 Aberystwyth Town If I Had The Wings Sung to Newtown
16631 Carmarthen Town Build It Up Carmarthen fans on Aber
16735 Aberystwyth Town Sh*t On Newtown Pitch Does what it ses on the tin! To the tune of Always look on the bright side of life
16958 Rhyl 50P 50p
17023 Aberystwyth Town I Cant Read Having a go at the farmers from Camarthan
18101 Carmarthen Town Shoot The Aber Scum!! Some Claasic Banter
18295 Neath We're S**te! The dark days of Neath
19694 Rhyl Bangor We hate Bangor
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19784 Aberystwyth Town Bangor Slum at Bangor
20637 Carmarthen Town Jog On Back To Mid-Wales sung at Aber and Newtown
20666 Aberystwyth Town We Hate Newtown Sung to Newtown
20670 Neath English Sang to TNS scum
20792 Newtown Feed The Seaglus (We Hate Aber) Havin a go at Aber
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