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Kilmarnock 'avin a go football songs

The oldest Scottish team still going strong in the Prem

3627 Same Old Celtic Sung at Celtic
3794 Ten Men That's all we need against Ayr
6331 As I Was Walkng Down the Portland Road Happy memories
6648 If You Hate the Old Firm Clap Your Hands Hands together for the glory hunters Playlist
7184 Wings of a Sparrow Sang at derby matches
8343 Sign On, Sign On Rarely sang but quite funny
10200 Soap Dodgin Sang at Ayr fans
13247 Ayr, Ayr Scumbags Playlist
15003 We Hate Everyone Song about not liking anyone except Killie
16185 We Can See You Sang at killie v ayr 22/01/09 at rugby park
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18828 What a S*itty Home Support What it says on the tin
19846 Black and White B*stards I'm sure theres more to it (ed: i'm not sure what you mean?)
20531 Don't Know What Yer Doing Usually clueless referees Playlist
21413 Poor Little Ayr Fan Pretty much how all Killie fans feel about Ayr fans

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