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One of the most successful teams in Scotland, Aberdeen FC have won four league titles and seven Scottish Cups, including a record three in a row during the '80s.

1552 We Hate Glasgow Rangers Anti-Rangers And Celtic (sung at every Aberdeen game!) (Ed: Great recording, thanks. Makes a cracking Aberdeen ringtone) Playlist
2801 Who Ate All the Pies? Tubby ate everyone of em Playlist
3548 Cheerio Saying adios to the opposing fans Playlist
3700 Hun, Hun, Hun The Huns! Playlist
5391 Sit Down Shut Up Sit down you bums Playlist
6592 Wrong F*ckin Country Dons telling Old firm fans that they are scottish, not English or Irish (depending on national alliances).
7134 Rather S*ag a Sheep Than Mols' Wife! Michael Mols of Rangers wife was so ugly she had 2 chants!
8314 We Forgot That You Were Here Hushing the opposition Playlist
8538 What the Hell Was That? Aimed @ Dunfermline mascot Playlist
9404 Are You Drinking on the Job Shorely shum mistake. Ed: Having a go at the ref I think Playlist
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9472 Who the Hell Is Stevie May? Sung at the semi final against St. Johnston which we won 4-0, by the way! Playlist
9887 Who's the Mason in the Black Unveiling referees' loyalties to Rangers (the Masons). Sung when diabolical decisions are made by the Men In Black.
9980 Woah Easy, Easy Just one we did when we were giving out a hammering Playlist
11515 Stand If We Want To Stewards giving us grief Playlist
12600 In Your Glasgow Slums Anti-Glasgow
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