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1480 Molineux Is Full.... Answers on a postcard... Playlist
1827 Sacked in the Morning Sung to Paul Lambert, Villa's manager Playlist
2077 Off Sung to those who deserve to go off. Send it to someone who smells. Playlist
2486 4 of You Singing Terrible support Playlist
2613 You Let Your Country Down Sung at players who played for England in the world cup Playlist
2721 Going Down My Lord You, not! Playlist
2724 Sh*t of Birmingham Sung against Villa and Brum Playlist
3055 Empty Seats My Lord Sorry - not the full chant Playlist
3634 The Sh*t Are Going Down Come on West Brom. Tune of Yellow Submarine.
4210 Can You Hear the Wanderers Sing? Wanderers are rubbish...
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4262 Empty Seats away matches
4327 Worst Support Anti villa
4734 Can You Hear the Villa Sing? Can't stand Villa... Playlist
5180 Stand Up If You Hate the Wolves Arise fellow Baggies. Playlist
5507 Foot and Mouth Heard wen we played villa a few seasons ago
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