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318 You Let Your Country Down Sung at players who played for England in the world cup Playlist
1046 Dodgy Refs... Why does that happen, every time! Playlist
1208 Shall We Sing a Song for You A classic Playlist
1601 The Sh*t Are Going Down Come on West Brom. Tune of Yellow Submarine.
1904 We Hate Villa Variation on the theme and goes on for forever Playlist
2299 Can You Hear the Wanderers Sing? Wanderers are rubbish...
2447 Worst Support Anti villa
2937 Can You Hear the Villa Sing? Can't stand Villa... Playlist
3843 Foot and Mouth Heard wen we played villa a few seasons ago
4502 Boo... Mp3 nasty, send it to someone you don't like. Playlist
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4538 Anti Cardiff Sung against Cardiff again
4858 It's All Gone Quiet The boys avin a go after scoring!!! Playlist
5203 Fat Dingle.... Funny to northerners, who tend to be fat. Playlist
6061 Gabby's Mum A play on Villa's chant 'Gabby Gabby Gabby Agbonlahor, he's fast as f*ck Playlist
6199 1-0 and You Still Don't Sing Quiet as mice even when you're winning Playlist
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