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Watford 'avin a go football songs

Watford fans in better voice than Elton John!

5159 Sit Down And Read Your Books Sung when the atmosphere is like a library. Playlist
5570 Your Support Sung to the home fans usually. Playlist
5898 Are You Watching Luton Town Look and learn from the local big team. Playlist
6059 You What? Eh, what you say? Playlist
6181 Sit Down Shut Up Sung at the opposition support when they get a bit lippy. Playlist
6984 Thirty Quid Havin a go at Palace's extortionate price for entry to the worst ground in the league. Playlist
7291 No Fans... A common one used by away fans to ridicule the home ground and support. Playlist
10420 When I Was Just A Little Boy Luton, ehmmm no thanks Playlist
10713 Warnock Trying to wind up Palace's manager. He flicked V's back at us :) Playlist
10875 Stewards Pesky men in yellow! Playlist
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11159 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere come on then start singing. Playlist
11545 We All Hate Leeds Scum Dirty Leeds! Playlist
11845 You Dirty Northern B...... Our stinkin' northern foes Playlist
12125 Malky's Yellow Army Nice Classic! Playlist
12137 Linesman Song Clearly onside... Playlist
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