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Swansea 'avin a go football songs

Born singers, need we say more.

401 Ran from the Cardiff Taunting Leeds that they ran away fro Cardiff. Playlist
706 We Hate Cardiff Swansea City song for Cardiff Playlist
1498 Same Old English Sung to whoever, mp3 is good for sending to a friend. Playlist
1598 Dirty English Can always count on it Playlist
2333 What's It Like to Be a Tw*t Sung to an opposite fan who does summin stupid
2869 Bristol City Tractor Drivers To Bristol City mostly but used on Rovers aswell
2947 You're Not Very Good Terrible Playlist
3843 Your Support Taunting Cardiff saying how rubbish their support is. Playlist
4297 We've Only Got Ten Men And we're still beating you Playlist
4695 Long Way for F*ck All for teams like wolves.. who come a long way to swansea
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4971 Only Here to Watch the Swans Why else? Playlist
6095 Are You Watching Cardiff scum Playlist
6604 Sit Down Shut Up Shout at North stand when they get lairy
6846 We Beat the Scum 1-0 Sung to Cardiff
7252 Jacks Are Here Sang on away trips
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