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Swansea 'avin a go football songs

Born singers, need we say more.

777 England Is Full Stinks a bit... Playlist
2804 You're Supposed to Be at Home Sang at away games when the other fans dont sing Playlist
3256 City Is Blue One for Manchester, Liverpool etc. Playlist
4781 Cheerio Bye! Playlist
4894 Sit Down Shut Up Shout at North stand when they get lairy
5798 Are You Watching Cardiff scum Playlist
6436 We Beat the Scum 1-0 Sung to Cardiff
6785 Jacks Are Here Sang on away trips
6815 Legoland Swansea song about Cardiffs new ground
7400 Empty Seats Sang at an away ground where there are allot of empty seats
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8100 Shoot the Cardiff Scum Was sang throughout the Cardiff league game
8271 W***ker Funny ringtone Playlist
10969 Cheer Up David Jones Sad Cardiff B**tard Playlist
11042 We Hate Cardiff Swansea City song for Cardiff Playlist
11723 One Team in Wales Sung to Cardiff
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