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1644 If You Hate Newcastle Lets put our hands together for the geordies. Playlist
2743 The Ref Sang when the ref is being a p*ick Playlist
3795 Stand Up If You Hate The Mags Arise Playlist
4559 The Gallowgate Is Always Full Of..... (answers on a postcard) Playlist
5129 We're Having A Laugh Loved singing this one, means we were right into em Playlist
6372 Shall We Sing A Song For You Taunting the opposition when we out sing 'em. Playlist
6416 We Hate Boro Simple Sunderland chant which gets the point accross Playlist
6969 When I Was Young Sorry missing the start Playlist
7426 Sell All Your Tickets Poor, poor support Playlist
7666 Your Support Terrible... Playlist
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7677 Who Are Ya? ung to home and away fans Playlist
7747 Steven Taylor Sung after Steven Taylor said no Sunderland players would get into Newcastle first team and he would prefer to collect stamps than wear a red and white shirt. Playlist
8785 Off, Off, Off Get off you ... Playlist
9709 Shearer Is A... The song says it all Playlist
9940 Cheat Dirty cheatin' b*stardos Playlist
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