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1384 The Gallowgate Is Always Full Of..... (answers on a postcard) Playlist
1744 Shall We Sing a Song for You Taunting the opposition when we out sing 'em. Playlist
3467 We Hte Manchester In tune of thats why youre going down
3834 Who Beat the Scum? 25th october 08 thats all that needs to be said
3852 Kevin Nolan Your Chicken Is Dead Sang to Kevin Nolan for his chicken celebration Playlist
4043 Going Down with the Boro Boro going down
4141 Bubbles This one's probably sung by most fans to West Ham. Sung to the tune of \'If Your Happy N U Know It Clap Ya Hands\'.
4251 We Had Joy We had fun
4795 Stand Up If You Hate the Mags Arise Playlist
5034 I Wanna Go Home Sung at away matches to the team we're playing
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5471 Your Support Terrible... Playlist
6376 Jose Has Gone (Sing to Chelsea) What happened like ?
7155 Empty Seats Good for away fans when the home end is almost empty
7559 Oooooah Sung in tune of Go West
7666 Steed Malbranque Dirty smoggies
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