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2807 Who the Hell Are You? Who are ya? Playlist
2930 You Don't Know What Yer Doing Sung to the usual sorry excuse for a referee we have to put up with. Playlist
3321 Sit Down, Shut Up Sung when they are giving it large. Playlist
4043 Where Were You in Stoke-on-Trent Sung to home fan's who daren't come to the Brittania. Playlist
4111 Who Are Ya? Come on then!!! Playlist
4183 Time to Go See you later... Playlist
5086 Shall We Sing a Song for You Alway's singing for 'em away and at fortress Britannia. Playlist
5218 Off, Off, off Trying to intimidate the refereee to send em off. Playlist
6305 No Fans... Mickey Mouse club Playlist
6412 Suarez Looks Like a Horse Funny chant from when we played the scousers Playlist
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6997 Luis Suarez Not the best recording but deffo worth including Playlist
7414 Premiership? Was sung at Newcastle. Playlist
7684 Suarez Hates the Jackson Five Taking the piss out of Suarez for his comments to Evra Playlist
9790 Cheer Up Kevin Keegan Sad little perm. Playlist
10188 You're Not Singing Anymore Quiet as a church mouse Playlist
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