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1944 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere Sung when the support is rubbish Playlist
1985 Time to Go See you later... Playlist
2621 Steven Gerrard Hits Like a Girl Funny chant about Gerrard Playlist
2662 Who Are Ya? Come on then!!! Playlist
4044 Premiership? Was sung at Newcastle. Playlist
4643 Steven Gerrard What a tosser Playlist
5548 Stoke Are Staying Up Sung for a laugh to the tune of Yellow Sumbarine
5921 We'll See You All Outside sang to scare the opposing fans
5966 Suarez Looks Like a Horse Funny chant from when we played the scousers Playlist
5995 We Forgot You Were Here So quiet! Playlist
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6114 W*nky Wanderers Having a pop at Wolves
6259 Robin Van Persie Sang vs. Arsenal. First heard being sang by Stoke fans when Arsenal played at the Brittania.
7306 Calm Down, Calm Down Ripping it out of the scousers - complete with up and down arm movements Playlist
7344 Off, Off, off Trying to intimidate the refereee to send em off. Playlist
7978 Cheat, Cheat, Cheat Cheating scum Playlist
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