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3534 Luis Suarez, You Know What You Are Not the best recording of it sorry Playlist
3631 Calm Down, Calm Down Ripping it out of the scousers - complete with up and down arm movements Playlist
5131 Robin Van Persie Would've Scored That Easy
5402 Sign On You'll never work again - sung to the scousers Playlist
5984 You Should Have Gone Down - Suarez Everyone knows it. Sorry about the quality - not the best in the world Playlist
5990 The Referee's a W*nker We always have s*it refs so we sing a good song to them.
6031 One Tom Daley! Sung to Luis Suarez for his rather convincing impersonation of British Olympic diver Tom Daley Playlist
6281 Gerrards Going Down Sung to the Scouse thug
6533 Der Der Racist Sung at Liverpool - surprise, surprise Playlist
6558 W*nker Great ringtone Playlist
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7114 Suarez Hates the Jackson Five Taking the piss out of Suarez for his comments to Evra Playlist
7343 Cheer Up Kevin Keegan Sad little perm. Playlist
7641 Empty Seats! They're Here, They're There!
9226 Does Your Mother Know You're Here Kids!
9374 Crashed in the Tunnel (Ronaldo) Sang to Ronaldo after his car crash (Ed: I thought he did?)
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