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3152 Red Side of the Trent And don't forget the Forest scarf for afters Playlist
5744 We All Hate Leeds Scum Who doesn't? Playlist
6197 Get Into 'Em F*ck 'em up Playlist
6816 Hark Now Hear the Leicester Sing On yer toes Playlist
6891 Just Like a Library At away grouds (quiet ones) Playlist
7954 Leeds Are Going Down We told 'em Playlist
8098 Your Support A common one, sung when the visitors don't make a sound Playlist
8980 Who Are Ya? Well? Playlist
10066 Did You Cry at Wembley? Sob sob Playlist
10379 We'll Sing on Our Own Shhh. Was that a pin drop... Playlist
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11027 Cheat Fell Over Hahahaha Playlist
11188 Is Your Nappy on Too Tight Wee nipper of a player Playlist
11458 Leicester Reject Chant about a player who used to play for us most likely Playlist
11689 Off, Off, Off! Anti opposition chant sung by The Foxes Playlist
11694 You Fat... Maccy D's anyone... Playlist
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