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Everton 'avin a go football songs

Toffees celebrate the blue half of the Pool!

1567 Cheat Simple and effective tune to try and onfluence the ref and/ or intimidate the culprit player. Playlist
1941 You're Not Singing Anymore Sung to the gobsh*tes Playlist
3750 It's Never Your Fault Ed: This doesn't reflect the views of FanChants Playlist
4076 Red and White Hello, hello! Sung to Liverpool Playlist
4438 Shall We Sing a Song for You Sung when they've been quiet Playlist
4787 Der Der Racist Aimed at Liverpool, of course. Playlist
6023 Stuck with Moyes Man United A dig at Moyes, in Roberto we trust. Playlist
6350 Yorkshire Police - Murderers Directed at the police present at the Hillsborough Disaster Playlist
6672 The Baby's Not Yours Scruffy B*stard Playlist
6851 Your Support We all know what's next Playlist
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7010 Colleen One for Judas's missus Playlist
7061 Steven Gerrard It's not yours Playlist
8527 Please Don't Change Our Statements Directed at the Police at the Hillsborough disaster who previously lied about fans behaviour to cover up their own mistakes. Playlist
9976 You All Tell Lies Referring to the Police lying about what happened at Hillsborough Playlist
10208 How Wide Are Your Teeth Great nashers, Charlie Adam Playlist
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