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Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

136 Who the Hell Are Man United? Who are they again? Playlist
474 In Your Liverpool Slums Filthy scousers. Playlist
538 Blowing Bubbles Mocking West Ham... Amongst a few other rivals. Playlist
1264 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere Sung at the Old Trafford library Playlist
1355 Who Are Ya? Great ringtone. Playlist
1513 We Hate Tottenham A fast version, just to show how much we hate em. Playlist
1604 We Paid for Your Hats For the police Playlist
1898 Cheerio Explains itself Playlist
2026 Does the Circus Know You're Here Sang at Pompey to resident clown Peter Crouch Playlist
2423 Oh West London To West Ham Playlist
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2557 Your Season's Over Sang at Anfield at the end of 2011 - 2012 season Playlist
2711 Does the Social Know You Are Here On the dole and at the footie, disgracefull Playlist
2897 2 Nil and You Still Don't Sing They're up 2 nil and still not a peep, pathetic Playlist
3536 Is This the Library? Noses in books at Anfield, except they can't read Playlist
3911 Steve Gerrard Gerrard, He Slipped... Just when they thought they were Champions...Steve Gerrard Gerrard Playlist
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