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Chelsea 'avin a go football songs

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

143 Who The Hell Are Man United? Who are they again? Playlist
554 In Your Liverpool Slums Filthy scousers. Playlist
636 Speak English Sung at the Geordies Playlist
639 Blowing Bubbles Mocking West Ham... Amongst a few other rivals. Playlist
959 You're Not Singing Anymore Part timers, sung at opposing fans when they are losing and no longer get behind their team. Playlist
1031 Shall We Sing A Song For You Chanted at Vicarage Road in the F.A cup Playlist
1068 We Don't Care About Rafa Chelsea fans letting Rafa know what they think about him Playlist
1181 Chelsea Reject Sung to any ex Chelsea player Playlist
1323 We Hate Tottenham And We Hate Tottenham If we beat Bayern, you're out - aaah! (May 2012) Playlist
1331 Your Support Well if it ain't C.F.C. Playlist
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1412 You Are S*it, You Are S*it Telling em straight. Playlist
1732 One Stand Singing It's all gone quiet over there Playlist
1866 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere Sung at the Old Trafford library Playlist
1870 Have You Ever Seen Gerrard Win The League Scousers don't win cups any more Playlist
1924 We Forgot That You Were Here We never hear a peep at Fulham's library. Playlist
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