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408 You Don't Know What You're Doing A regular, sung at the opposition Playlist
1589 In Church No games on a Sunday please. Playlist
2285 One Song Go on, stick it to em. Playlist
3504 Sing When You're Winning They only get going when they score
3838 Time to Go Tara. Sang when the opposition fans are on their toes Playlist
3992 You're Not Famous Anymore Sang at Leeds.. Playlist
4439 The Referees a W*nker Having a go at the ref after a bad decision
5135 We All Hate Leeds Scum Another for leeds ...
5892 Same Old Arsenal Arsenal Song 'Avin a go
6318 We're Here, We're There We'd kill'em anywhere
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6748 You Soft... From down South no doubt Playlist
7015 Can We Play You Every Week If only Playlist
7499 Ewood Park Is Falling Down A Nice Nursery Rhyme For 18Th October 2009 !!! Perfect For Ba**ards
7605 Can You Hear Preston Sing Sssshhhh Playlist
8213 Dirty Yorkshire Well they are aren't they? Playlist
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