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The Cherries by the sea - roarin' it out...

2394 We All Hate Leeds Scum to a man, we all hate em Playlist
2515 Champions League to the LDV Great funny re Leeds United's demise Playlist
3405 No Fans... Sang away when they don't sell out their s*ithole Playlist
4464 Who Are Leeds United Who are Leeds!
4632 From Elland Road Shut Your Mouth!
5020 Your Favourite Song S*it song
5092 You Know You Are And Your Know You Are
5592 Worst Support Worst support got to be glory hunters
6622 Premiership You're Havin a Laff Sung at a premiership club when they're playing bad
6737 Sheep S*aggers To those Yorkshire s*aggers
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6868 We Pay Your Benefits Money well spent Playlist
7320 We're Looking at Leeds Just look at them
8685 Dig a Hole when an opposing player is faking an injury
9165 Who the Hell Are You?! Who are you?
9599 What a Waste of Petrol Sung to the team that waste a long trips worth
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