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27 Liverpool We Only Hate Mancs Underlings Playlist
40 Manchester United Hollow Hollow Chelsea's success Playlist
46 Manchester United Are You Watching Merseyside? Not really sung anymore, but we knew they were watching Playlist
67 Arsenal Stand Up If You Hate Tottenham Well wot u waiting for Playlist
102 Manchester United The City Is Yours Really? Playlist
120 Spurs Stand Up If You Hate Arsenal We expect you to be standing. Sorry, not the best recording. Playlist
162 Manchester United You Support a Load Of... Loud and clear, great for a ringtone Playlist
206 Manchester United Cheerio to the opposition fans leaving the ground Playlist
216 Liverpool Tell Your Ma (Everton) Poor ol Everton. Heard at the Merseyside derby. To the tune of Que Sera. Playlist
228 Liverpool Fat Granny... Sang at Rooney as he likes em wrinkly Playlist
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244 Sunderland The Ref Sang when the ref is being a p*ick Playlist
247 Manchester United 32 Years Since they won anything, sad and laughable Playlist
268 Spurs Shame About the Arsenal Shame about the scum Playlist
281 Southampton Pompey Fan on a String This isn't the full version of the song, sorry, worth putting up though. Playlist
401 Swansea Ran from the Cardiff Taunting Leeds that they ran away fro Cardiff. Playlist
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