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16661 Glentoran South Belfast A song about our next door neighbours
16828 Linfield Go Home You Scum Sung at Glens fans after another tanking by the linfield
17088 Glentoran Dope Smokin Peeler! More abuse at Constable Hamill
17090 Glenavon Elliot Morris, Glenavon's Number 1! Sung to Glentoran keeper, Elliot Morris, after his unbelievable own goal against us!
18179 Linfield You're British Sung at derry City.
18763 Glentoran Section F Sung when linfield arn't singin/not showin much support
18833 Glenavon Are You Watching Portadown? Sung at Portadown when we are live on Sky!
19160 Linfield You're Scum And You Know You Are Sung at Glentoran - see Youtube
19200 Linfield For The Glens Song to wind up the Glentoran fans
19249 Glentoran You'Re Supposed To Be At Home Sung at teams who don't sing or have a bad support at home, but esspecially at Ards "away" since they have no home!
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19252 Glenavon Why Dont Ya Go Home Sung to Cliftonville fans when they visit Mourneview Park
19400 Linfield Sing In Your Chapels Sung at quiet Cliftonville fans
19607 Linfield F Off Glentoran FC Song at Glentoran fans to let them know they will always be in our shadow
19822 Glentoran Ifa Song Sung about the IFA and their disgraceful Boxing day ban
20037 Glentoran Kop Stand Sung at Windsor when Linfield as normal don't sing.
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